Author Bio

Mendus Harris was born in Edinburgh and brought up in Liverpool. After studying geology at Aberystwyth he did research in Ireland and New Zealand before moving on to work in gold mining. During this period he worked around the world, based in Perth, Australia, but after a bout of malaria in Africa he moved into an office-based oil job. Here he suffered intense boredom and became a teacher instead.

Now living in North Wales with his family he freely admits to fly fishing as a hobby, even revealing that he writes articles on the subject in magazines.

For the last few year he’s been writing thrillers. His latest books are based in a fictional gold mine named Lomax and draw on his extensive experience as an exploration geologist. Very few people appreciate how a large gold mine in Africa functions and those that do may not be keen for the truth to be told.

His writing conjures images which are redolent with the sights and sounds of West African gold mines, the characters who inhabit them and the political conflicts that can threaten to rip them apart. Here is an author who has been there and seen that and has a view on what he has experienced.