Ice Bound

Ice Bound
Series: The Lomax Gold Mine Series, Book 3
Genre: Thriller

At the behest of Lucky Lomax, wealthy tycoon and owner of Lomax Gold Mine, Ed undertakes a hazardous journey to the wilderness of Canada’s eastern coast where he joins an exploration crew prospecting in an isolated corner of the Labrador sea.

About the Book

They are stranded on a remote island after an enormous storm tracks south down the Davis Strait and cuts their line of communication. When the crew investigate the best way to escape they spot a man on a remote hillside. At first they take him for a lone adventurer out in the wilderness trapping and shooting game, but soon his malevolent intentions become clear.

As the days pass, the morale of the crew disintegrates and a story of a cruel conspiracy emerges that gradually comes to explain the presence of the man on the island. Events at Lomax Gold Mine reverberate, even here.

When Ed returns home he is determined to put a stop to those who have dogged his steps for so long. It’s kill or be killed.

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