Icebound – Book Launch Tuesday 30th October

When Edryd (Ed) Evans accepts a summer assignment to survey an island in Arctic Canada, he believes he will be travelling to a place of safety, far from the travails that have afflicted his life. During the long journey north, he begins to feel unsettled. For a man used to the jungles of Africa, the frozen wilderness of Canada strikes him as bleak and unforgiving. A place where apex predators such as Orcas and polar bears are still in charge. He finds the other members of the expedition aggressive, unwelcoming and suspicious. When they finally arrive on the island, ahead of a massive storm, they are unsettled by the appearance of a figure on cliffs. Who is he, what does he want, why is he here on this remotest of remote islands?

Ed soon finds that the island is not the safe haven he’d imagined.